Indian Dessert Recipes

  • Mango Kulfi Recipe

    Mango Kulfi Recipe is Kid's favorite Summer Kulfi made with Ripe Mangoes, Milk, Dry Fruits and Sugar. You can easily make it at home under...

  • Fruit Custard Recipe

    Fruit Custard Recipe is Kid's most Favorite Desert made with lot of Healthy and Fresh Fruits and Custard Powder. Few Raisins are added for more...

  • Fruit Sandesh Recipe

    Fruit Sandesh Recipe is a Classic Bengali Dessert, simply relished and flavored with Fresh and Healthy Fruits.

  • Sandesh Recipe

    Sandesh Recipe is a Traditional Bengali Sweet Dish, popular in West Bengal. It can be easily made at home with freshly Homemade Paneer.

  • Gachak Recipe

    Gachak Recipe is the famous Indian Butter Crunch Candy or Dry Fruit Chikki, made with Jaggery (Gud), Peanuts (MoongFali / Ground Nut) and Pure Ghee....

  • Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe is a Fantastic and Super Moist Cake, filled with lots of Cocoa Powder, Butter, Vanilla and Chocolate chips.

  • Pineapple Sandesh Recipe

    Pineapple Sandesh Recipe is a Traditional Bengali Sweet Dish, made with Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer) and flavored with Chopped Pineapple.

  • Boondi Ladoo Recipe

    Boondi Ladoo Recipe is an Indian Sweet Dish, made with Besan, Ghee and Sugar. Boondi Laddu is perfect for serving in all Indian festivals and...

  • Boondi Halwa Recipe

    Boondi Halwa Recipe is made with Boondi, Kesar, Sugar and Dry Fruits. Diwali or any Indian Festival is just incomplete without this Boondi Mithai.

  • Kesar Peda Recipe

    Kesar Peda Recipe is a milk-based famous Indian Sweet Dish, made from Milk, Ghee and Kesar. Let's see how to make Saffron flavored Milk Fudge...

  • Dharwad Pedha Recipe

    Dharwad Peda Recipe is a specialty of Dharwad region, and these Festival Pedha are made with ricotta cheese, milk, sugar and ghee.

  • Sooji Halwa Recipe

    Sooji Halwa Recipe is the most popular Sweet Dish all over in India. Beautiful aroma of Sooji and a wonderful Kesari Color makes this Dessert...

  • Rava Ladoo Recipe

    Rava Ladoo Recipe / Rava Laddu Recipe is the Indian Sweet Dish made with Semolina, Ghee and Sugar. Rava Ladoo is so wonderful, it just...

  • Coconut Burfi Recipe

    Coconut Burfi Recipe is a traditional Indian sweet dish made from Dessicated Coconut, Milk and Sugar. Learn to make Coconut Burfi with Photographs.

  • Paal Kesari Recipe / Milk Rava Kesari Recipe

    Paal Kesari Recipe or Rava Milk Kesari Recipe is simply an exotic Indian Sweet Dish, made with Rava, Milk, Sugar and Ghee. Here is the...