Indian Snack Recipes

  • Bread Channa Recipe

    Bread Channa Recipe is a Quick and Easy Snack Dish can be made in just a few minutes, if cooked channa are leftover. Channa are...

  • Jain Pav Bhaji Recipe

    Jain pav bhaji Recipe is simply cooked with Vegetables and mild spices. Onion and Garlic is not added for making a perfect Indian Vegan Dish.

  • Batata Vada Sambar Recipe

    Batata Vada Sambar Recipe is the combo of famous Aloo Vada of Mumbai and South Indian Sambar. Here batata vada are dipped in Sambar and...

  • Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

    Vegetable Sandwich Recipe is made with bread, butter green chutney and healthy vegetables. Vegetable Sandwich is very popular street food in India.

  • Cheese Pav Bhaji Recipe

    Cheese Pav Bhaji Recipe is cooked with lots of Healthy Boiled Vegetables and flavored and topped with good amount of Parmesan Cheese.

  • Onion Pakora Recipe / Kanda Bhaji Recipe

    Onion Pakora Recipe is a tasty and crispy Onion Fritters made with Sliced Onions, Besan (Gram Flour) and Spices. It gets ready in just 5-10...

  • Batata Vada Recipe

    Batata Vada Recipe is made from Boiled Aloo (Potato / Batata) flavored with Indian spices then dipped in Flour (Besan) and finally deep fried in...

  • Caramel Popcorn Recipe

    Caramel Popcorn Recipe is the sweet and crunchy popcorn, deeply caramelized with honey and becomes an utterly addictive popcorn for the kids.

  • Vegetable Kebabs Recipe

    Vegetable Kebabs Recipe is a spicy treat and a wonderful Snack Dish that contains the wholesome flavors of healthy Vegetables, Cheese, Butter and Spices.

  • Rice Pakora Recipe / Rice Fritters Recipe

    Rice Pakora is deep fried snack made with cooked Rice, Besan (Ground Flour) , onion and mild spices. Rice Pakora recipe is very easy and...

  • Baked Samosa Recipe

    To make Baked Samosa Recipe, Maida Roti is stuffed with potato mixture and then baked in oven. Baked Samosa is a low calorie snack, good...

  • Khada Pav Bhaji Recipe

    Khada Pav Bhaji Recipe is made with wholesome flavors of vegetables and Pav Bhaji Masala. Khada Pav Bahji is one of the most famous street...

  • Bread Pizza Recipe

    Bread Pizza Recipe is made with Bakery Bread topped with Fresh Vegetables and Cheese. It can be made at home in few minutes and kids...

  • Aloo Pakora Recipe

    Aloo Pakora Recipe or Batata Bhajji are made with Potato Slices. Here step by step method will help you in making yummy, homemade Aloo Pakora...

  • Mirch Pakora Recipe

    Mirch Pakora Recipe are Green Chilly Fritters, made with Special Bhajiya Chillies. Here Big Green chillies are stuffed with the batter of Besan and Spices.