Teej Recipes

Teej or Teejri is the special festival for Indian women. It most often, falls in the month of Sharavan in Iuly or in August. On this day, married women fasts for their husbands and they pray for a happy and long married life. This festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. Teej Recipes

The Teej festival is an important festival for married Indian women, and much anticipated monsoon festival. It commemorates the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, after she paid a penance (Tapasya) of 100 years separation. The invocation of Parvati’s blessing during the festival is believed to bring about continued marital bliss.

Teejri is celebrated in North India Particularly in Jaipur, where a procession is taken for two days throughout the old city. Women observe fast on this day for the well being of their husband and their schedule is some about like this, as they wake up early in morning, eat something good, so that they should be able to keep fast for the whole day, till the moon comes out.Teej Recipes

Some women start their Pooja / Archana by 12 p.m. and some starts at 7.p.m. This Indian Teej Pooja is really having a lot of belief and devote. Indian Women does this pooja with Thali by lighting agarbathis, kum-kum, flowers and some sweets. After the pooja is done, some women eat fruits and sweets and others remain very strict in their fasting.

Teej celebrates the onset of bounteous monsoons. It is considered as a festival of indulgence, clothes, ornaments and delectable food. Married women does pooja for their husband, where as young girls keep this fast for their would be husband.Teej Recipes

Though a fast is observed by the women on the day of the festival, a sumptuous feast precedes and follows the festival.
Delightful goodies are prepared in which the whole household is involved. Now a days, married women and even young girls also dress up and decorate their palms with mehndi (henna).

Here are some mouth watering recipes, specially prepared during Teej festival by Indian Women across the country.Teej Recipes



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