Yellow Moong Dal


Yellow moong dal is one of the leading lentils of India having a mild yellow color. It is skinned and flat yellow moong dal which is easy in cooking and delicious in serving. One of the best quality of this dal is that it is extremely light in digestion compare to other legumes. yellow-moong-dal

Although yellow moong dal is cooked as whole, but in India, coarsely crushed and coarse paste of moong dal is also highly used for making variety of snacks and main course dishes. Moong dal paste has little bit sweet flavor and smooth texture.

It is important to check for pebbles and stones in dal before cooking. Unlike the other legumes this dal is also required to soak in advance for the firm making. Yellow moong dal is available in branded packages. At the time of buying, always check its color which should be yellow, also it must be without any stones and away from the moisture damage.


  1. In some countries, moong dal is used with the combination of other beans to make variety of ice pops, ice creams, cakes and other famous desserts.
  2. This dal is highly used to make legendary dal fry and dal tadka recipes.
  3. It is simply cooked with chopped onion, ginger-garlic paste and tomatoes along with tempered green chillies and cumin seeds.
  4. You can make delicious soups, stews and purees from this moong dal.
  5. It is extremely tasty when is pressure cooked and mashes, then serve with a dollop of butter or cream.
  6. You can make exotic vadas and medu vadas of this dal with the combination of urad dal.
  7. Boiled moong dal is intensively used for making spicy parathas.
  8. You can make variety of pulao and khichdi recipes from this dal.
  9. It is also used for the stuffing and filling purposes.
  10. Delicious and extremely unique wraps and rolls can be made with boiled and flavored moong dal.yellow-moong-dal


  1. Moong dal has good shelf life, if preserved properly and away from wet areas.
  2. It must be stored in air tight container.
  3. You can store it for 3-4 months at room temperature.
  4. Cooked moong dal can be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.


  1. Yellow moong dal is highly recommended to the sick people.
  2. It is light weight lentils, that’s why suggested during the pregnancy period.
  3. It is an excellent source of proper nutrition and healthy body of a child as well as for an adult.
  4. Yellow moong dal is essential and result oriented for the children in increasing their height and promoting health.
  5. It is a great source of dietary fibre, iron and protein.
  6. This dal is low in fat and cholesterol free.
  7. Yellow moong dal is beneficial because of its rich properties and contents, it provides good amount of potassium, calcium, vitamins and B complex in the body.

Recipes made from yellow moong dal:

Dal Makhani
Yellow Moong Dal
Dal Fry
Dal Sandwich and many more.



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