Ginger can be also named as root ginger, adrak, inji or gingembre. The plant of ginger was originally cultivated in Asia. Now it is grown in Caribbean, West Africa, etc. The ginger has a great use in Indian cooking.ginger

Traditionally it was used mostly as a minced, crushed or slices. But now a days it can be used in thousand different ways. Ginger has various forms such as fresh, dried, crystallized, tender and powdered form. At the time of selecting the ginger make sure that it should be having the pale yellow color from inside and the off white or brown from the outside skin or layer. The touch is so firm and no moist at all. Also the ginger should not be having any blemishes, cuts or bruises.


  1. The crushed ginger is to be used to making teas, gravies, curries, etc
  2. The chopped and julienne ginger is best for making stews, breads, gravies, etc. The fried julienne ginger is best for garnishing the soups and tempering the dals also.
  3. The juice of ginger is best to mix and make for any types of dressings, sauces, dips, mocktails and marinades. This juice can be refrigerated for 3-5 days.
  4. The paste of ginger can be used for making various starters, appetizers, gravies and curries.
  5. The sliced, grated and roundels of ginger has the best use for flavoring the pulao, biryani’s, gravies, soups and stocks.
  6. The tender ginger can be used to make the pickles and can be flavored in vinegar also.
  7. Ginger and lemon can be used for making the lime and ginger syrups.
  8. Ginger has a great scope in the bakeries. The candied ginger is best for flavoring various cakes, crackers, cookies and so many bakery items.
  9. There is ginger-garlic paste readily available in the market, it is packaged and labelled with the expiry date and is to be used to save the time.
  10. The minced ginger is best for making tandoori dishes, starters and chicken recipes.


  1. Ginger is to be stored at cool and dry place. It must be refrigerated in air tight containers.
  2. It can be kept in zip lock pouches, bags, etc.
  3. It lasts long for 10-12 days.


  1. Ginger has proved the best treatment for nausea.
  2. It is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and vitamin B6.
  3. It is the effective way to cure the cold, cough, congestion and sore throat.
  4. Ginger has antioxidant effects.
  5. Ginger works best for the proper digestion system in the body. It helps in relieving indigestion, diarrhea, stomach cramps etc.
  6. It has the anti inflammatory properties, which helps in relieving from the pain and  reduces the inflammation associated with arthritis, muscle pains etc.
  7. Ginger helps in blood circulation, cleaning the kidneys, removing the toxins from the body and nourishes the skin.
  8. It is also proved best treatment for asthma and other various problems of health and body.
  9. It stimulate blood circulation, cleanse the bowels and kidneys, remove toxins from the body and nourish the skin.


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