Pomegranate Seeds (Anardhana)


Pomegranate Seeds are also known as anardana, anardhana or anar dana. These seeds are widely used as a souring agent in Indian cooking,  just like Tamarind, Kokum and Amchur. Anardana are the dried type of seeds that produced sour taste while eating. It is a sour, fresh fruit having a tangy and fruity flavor.pomegranate-seeds

The wild pomegranate called daru grows in the southern Himalayas are considered as the best anardana. These seeds are bit sticky to each other and mostly used for vegetables and legumes. Indian Cuisine is flavored with anardana seeds, specially Mughal-style recipes.

Pomegranate seeds can be used either as it is or roasted and then ground, generally it is used instead of lime juice especially in winters, when fresh limes are not available. These pomegranate seeds are easily available in the market, you can get whole dried and powder form of the seeds. Anardana seeds are purchased to give the texture to the dishes, where as the ground powder is being used as a spice in Indian cuisine.


  1. Pomegranate seeds consists fresh, sweet-sour and very pleasant taste, hence highly used to flavor several types of foods.
  2. It also acts as a preservative and can be used to thicken the sauces as well.
  3. Dried pomegranate seeds are highly used in Indian and Iranian cooking.
  4. Aloo Matar Anardana is one of the most popular and delicious dish, that contains a good amount of these seeds.
  5. Anar dana is used to sour the chutneys.
  6. It can be also used in pastries and breads in the Middle East.
  7. Anardana is a best alternative for raisins in cakes and other European sweets.
  8. Various specialties of Middle East like hummus, salads & tahini are to be garnished with anardana.
  9. These dried seeds imparts a sweet/sour flavor to vegetables and legume dishes.
  10. Anardana powder is also one of the most famous Indian spice.
  11. Ground or crushed anardana seeds are to be sprinkled over the vegetables and fruit salads to give a distinctive flavor to them.
  12. Roasted powder of pomegranate seeds is the best option to flavor dal, raita and other sabzi recipes.
  13. It gives a unique flavor to several veg and non-veg dishes.
  14. Some unique fish and chicken recipes are marinated with pomegranate seeds, that gives them the special flavor and taste.


  1. Pomegranate seeds must be stored in air tight container.
  2. Roasted powder of seeds can be stored in refrigerator for 15-20 days, but it is always advisable to use fresh seeds and powder form.
  3. You can store them even for a year, if preserved well.


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