Black Peppercorns


In Indian Black peppercorns are famous with the words black pepper, kali mirch or kali mirchi. In ancient days these peppercorns were to be used as the currency during barter exchange system. This production is done from the green unripe berries of the pepper

These berries are to be dried under the strong sun light or through the modern machines and then make this spice ingredient, this whole procedure shrinks the seeds of peppercorns, make it dark and thin, with the black layer. Indian cooking can be done with whole or powder of black peppercorns.

Indian Cuisine makers and the famous chef’s use the the black peppercorns in huge amount in their recipes, because of its nice aroma and flavor. In the open grocery markets these peppercorns are easily available as a whole or powder in packets. You can easily get the loose packs of the peppercorns to verify its taste and flavor.

Some people sell the adulterate packets of peppercorns, because of the common color. Hence, it is better to verify the taste and flavor before purchasing.


  1. Whole black peppercorns can be used to flavor the rice, pulao’s and biryani’s.
  2. These peppercorns is one of the most important ingredient for making garam masala powder.
  3. The powder form of the black peppercorns is to be sprinkled on various salads, raita’s, dips and marinades to make them flavorful.
  4. The famous restaurants in Mumbai use the pepper mills to crush the whole peppercorns, makes the crushed pepper to use in their special recipes.
  5. Whole black peppercorns can be roasted and then ground into smooth powder, use it in sambar and various curry recipes to do the wonders in your kitchen.
  6. Whole black peppercorns can be tempered in oil, ghee or butter and then pour over dal, curries and biryani’s to make them tempting and mouth watering dishes.
  7. The powder form or crushed peppercorns are greatly used for making sandwiches, rolls, wraps, salmon and dry fish.
  8. The soups, snacks, stews and stocks can be flavored with the black pepper powder.
  9. Grilled meat and chicken dishes can get a nice, aromatic flavor just by sprinkling little amount of black pepper powder.


  1. Whole black peppercorns should be always kept in air tight containers.
  2. The powder form must be kept away from the moist and dust, it should be placed in the container or bottle having the tight lid.
  3. The crushed or coarse black peppercorns should be stored at a cool and dry place, preferably in air tight containers.


  1. The pungent flavor of the black peppercorns is a best treatment to relieve from the conjunction of nose and throat.
  2. Few whole black peppercorns can be chewed for the smooth digestive stimulants in the body.
  3. Black peppercorns has the enzyme called as piperine, Which works like vitamins, selenium and beta carotene in the body.
  4. Black pepper powder has great effects when is to be added in the recipes, it is best to heal and clear the inner body system of the women who have just delivered.
  5. Few whole peppercorns are enough to chew and get relief from the severe cough.
  6. According to the Indian Ayurveda remedies, the black peppercorns are the best aids to solve the problems of constipation, indigestion, tooth aches, tooth decay, diarrhea and joint pains.


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