kokum is popularly known as kookem, dried kokum or cocum. It is a dark black or purple color fruit or berry, which is very sticky and with curled edges. The dried kokum is famous with the name of kokum flowers and the dried seeds can be seen inside these flowers which acts asĀ  citrus fruit. Kokum is sweet and sour in taste, also turns from black to pink or purple in color when is to be mixed in the food. kokum

Kokum is most famous ingredients of Maharashtrian, Gujarati and South Indian Cuisines. Most probably it goes along with the tamarind to flavor the curries, dal and various other Konkan dishes. Basically kokum are of two types, soaked kokums and dried kokums.

Soaked kokums is the mixture of kokum and water, which is to be prepared for taking out the sourness of kokum. Whereas dried kokums are to be used directly and also possess the great shelf life. At the time of purchasing kokum the most important aspect to take care is its color. It should be deeper and darker in color. The freshness can be observed by smelling it.

Kokum are like tamarind and there is availability of kokum as a fruit or dried rind in the open consumer market. Earlier it were loose available in the market but now a days you can get the packaged one with different brands and names.


  1. Kokum is specially used to give the sweet and tangy flavor to the dishes.
  2. It works best in dal, curries, pickles and chutnies.
  3. Kokam sharbat is the specialty of Gujarat, Maharashtra and South Indian cuisines.
  4. 4-5 pieces or skins are enough to flavor any veg or non-veg dish.
  5. Soak few pieces of kokum in 1 cup of water and then make your dishes colorful and flavorful.
  6. Kokum consists little bit of salt, so always taste the dish after giving the texture of kokum.


  1. Kokum should be stored at cool and dry place.
  2. The best place for kokum is air-tight container or jar.
  3. It long lasts for 4-6 months if kept properly.


  1. The mixture of kokum and sugar syrup is a best drink to relieve from sunstroke.
  2. Kokum has proven a successful treatment of cuts, burns, rashes, scalds and injuries.
  3. Kokam is a dark purple berry which gives ultimate health benefits from its seeds, juice, pulp, root, rind, etc.
  4. Kokum is low calorie content ingredient which do not have any saturated fats.
  5. Kokum is cholesterol free and consists rich dietary fibre in its juice.
  6. At the time of hot summer season, the juice of kokum works as a great refreshing drink.
  7. Kokum is a great source of providing Vitamin C and B-complex in the body.
  8. The mixture of kokum and butter makes a great intensive skin moisturizer which can be applied on dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
  9. Kokum helps in stimulating the appetite, remove out the worms from the stomach and solves the problem of acidity and constipation.


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