Rice are also known as chawal, bhaat, chaval, chaawal and Tandul. Rice has been the most commonly used food grain for a majority of the people of the world since the ancient times. Now a days, this special food grain helps sustaining almost 2-3rd of the world’s population.rice

Rice are highly touched with the human nature and feelings, it has become a life for millions of people all over in the world. They are deeply concerned with our culture and heritage.

Rice has a great appearance, it is a small cluster of kernels at the top of a long stalk. It is harvested at the time of its golden and transparent color and the outcome grain is threshed to remove the hulls from it. Rice at the time of its natural state with the removed inedible husk is known as unpolished or brown rice.

On the other hand, the refined white rice has the bran and germ removed, refined rice are nothing but polished to a smooth sheen. These Rice are to cool the body during the summer they are being used for lunch and dinner. During the cold and winter season, the rice are highly added to the Northern India’s warming spices.

There are mainly two types of rice, brown and white. Many cultures and religions prefer brown rice because of its nutritional values and Vitamins A and B. Basically, variety of rice are available in the market and the most common way to identify rice is its length.

Short grain rice is very starchy and sticky after it get cooked. Generally this type of rice cooked very fast and becomes soft and tender, that is used for risotto, stir fry dishes, sushi and dessert recipes.

Medium grain rice are two to three times longer than the width. Thus rice is less sticky after cooking, but the grain tendency is to stick together when cooled. The reason is, that during the cooking, this rice takes a lot of moisture and remains firm compare to short grain.

Long grain rice are normally preferable as they does not stick while cooking, also used for making variety of excellent preparations in food industry. It is the most common type of rice, that is cultivated and used in all around the world.

Rice are easily available at every grocery store or retail shops. You may get them either packed or in bulk container. Check the ‘use before’ date on packed one and the storage position of the bulk container. Always make sure that the bins containing rice are covered well and stored with the freshness, there should not be any evidence of moisture whether buying packed rice or rice in bulk container.


  1. Rice can be boiled, baked or fully cooked.
  2. You can make extra ordinary meals just by adding your favorite vegetables, meat, spices and herbs in the rice.
  3. Famous pulao, biryanis, steamed, jeera rice are made with rice.
  4. In every country, rice are highly used to serve with curry and gravy recipes.
  5. You can make dish as per your taste and preference without compromising with any thing, just need to put your favorite flavors.
  6. You can make delicious lemon Rice and serve with salad and saute vegetables.
  7. It is very important to soak the rice for about 20-25 minutes before making any type of meal, soaking the rice in enough amount of water creates a fine texture during cooking. You may add few drops of lime juice at the time of boiling the rice, this will keep them white and the grain separates.
  8. Starch of the rice is nothing but the rice stock, that can be used for making soups, stews and curries. It can be added to the dal for the flavoring purpose.
  9. If you are arranging any party or get togetherness, then prepare the rice separately and prepare the veg or non-veg gravy dish separately, you need to mix it for the while and serve delicious and piping hot biryani recipe.
  10. Variety of rice recipes are highly accompanied with different types of raitas, papad and salads.
  11. Combine the rice and dal of your choice, add some spices and pressure cook for few minutes and enjoy delicious,  homemade healthy khichdi  recipe.


  1. Rice should be stored at cool, dark and dry place.
  2. They can be kept well if buying a fresh stock.
  3. Try buying quantity of rice as per your requirement and avoid keeping them for many months or years, because it is more susceptible to becoming rancid.
  4. White rice must be stored in an airtight container at a cool and dry location.
  5. You can store cooked rice in the refrigerator for up to 3 or 4 days.


  1. Rice are gluten-free, hence becomes essential for the people with gluten-free dietary requirements.
  2. Rice is a great source of complex carbohydrates, that works as an important source of the fuel that our bodies needs.
  3. Rice provides Good energy to the body, the Carbohydrates are broken down to glucose and ultimately used as the essential energy source for exercise and fuel for the brain.
  4. Rice has Low fat, Low salt and no cholesterol at all.
  5. Rice is sodium free and excellent food for the balanced diet.
  6. Rice is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, vitamin D, calcium and low sugar.
  7. Rice do not contains any types of additives or preservatives, that makes it a wonderful inclusion in a healthy and balanced diet.
  8. Rice contains resistant starch, that reaches the bowel undigested. It helps in encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria to keep the bowel healthy.
  9. Rice are basically non-allergenic type of food.
  10. Rice is extremely wonderful in treating diarrhea in children.
  11. Rice are highly low in fiber and soothing to the digestive system.
  12. Rice contains gluten’s, hence it is perfect food for those with gluten intolerance and the protein is readily used by the body.
  13. Brown rice contain a good amount of insoluble fiber, which may help to protect against a variety of cancers.
  14. Rice is a low-sodium food for the people who are suffering from hypertension.
  15. Rice is a good source of protein, it contains all eight amino acids.


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