Rice Flour


Rice Flour is also known as chawal ka atta. Rice flour can be easily made just by grinding the rice into a super fine powder. This atta is more whiter than other types of flours. Although rice flour can be made from short grain and long grained rice, but the flour made from long grain rice is highly used for making a soft, light bread and other bakery food items.rice-flour

The consistency of the foods may vary from very light and soft to gritty in texture. You can yourself grind the rice to make a coarse rice flour or a fine powder. Ready made rice flour is also easily available in the market, you can get it from the flour mill shops as well. While buying this flour, you just need to check the quality of rice, from which flour is made. Also make sure that the flour is white in color and free flowing.


  1. The flour which is made from non-glutinous rice is used to make a variety of noodles, pastries and sweets.
  2. You can make delicious chapatis and Sindhi style dodo or koki from rice flour.
  3. It can be also used as a binder and thickener for making some food items.
  4. Rice flour is highly used for coating purpose to fry and roast many of the food items, it adds crunch while eating.
  5. Rice flour is used to make batters, dough, crepes, pancakes, sauces, puddings and many desserts.


  1. Rice flour has a good shelf life, if stored properly in sealed plastic, steal or glass container.
  2. You can refrigerate the flour, but then too it is very important to keep it in sealed container or jar.
  3. If this flour is stored well, then can be used within 2-3 months.


  1. Rice flour does not contain cholesterol.
  2. It has less ratio of salt and fat.
  3. Rice flour is treated as a good source of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, vitamin D and calcium.
  4. This flour is extremely low in fiber, hence soothing to the digestive system of the body.


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