Carom Seeds (Ajwain)


Carom seeds are also known as ajwain, Thymol seeds, Onum, Ajma, Ajmodika and bishops weed. They are the tiny, cute, delicate and oval shaped herbs with a penetrating fragrance. Carom seeds belongs to the family of cumin and parsley. These seeds have been used since years as they consists number of medical properties. Because of their strong aroma, carom seeds are highly used for the Indian culinary.carom-seeds

Carom seeds are sharp and hot with the burning taste, that’s why few seeds are enough to bring the flavor in any Indian recipe. Carom seeds can be whole or powdered one. It is always advisable to buy whole carom seeds as they can be easily turned into powder form just by grinding them in a smooth powder.

For the flavorful powder, roast the seeds for few seconds in a sauce pan, cool completely and then make a powder in a grinder. Carom seeds or ajwain are easily available in the market, the fresh carom seeds are extremely flavorful, you will not find any difficulty while selecting the fresh carom seeds. The powder of ajwain is rarely seen in the market but it would be useful advise to buy whole carom seeds, which can be made in powder form as and when required.


  1. These seeds are used for the tempering or tadka’s in the dishes.
  2. Ajwain has strong, dominant and distinctive taste and flavor, that’s why few seeds are enough to bring exotic fragrance to the vegetarian and non-veg food.
  3. Ajwain can be used for making pickles as well.
  4. The aroma and unique taste of ajwain is used for making various types of roti’s, parathas, thepla’s and so on.
  5. They are specially used in different types of meat, snack recipes and dal recipes to enhance the flavor.
  6. Soups, stocks and stews can be flavored with few seeds of ajwain.
  7. Ajwain are highly incorporated for making various salad dressings and Indian bakery items.


  1. Ajwain should be stored at cool and dry place.
  2. These seeds can remain fresh for 10-12 months, if stored properly.
  3. It is important to store them in air tight bottles or containers.
  4. Ajwain powder also should be stored at cool and dry place in sealed container.


  1. Ajwain works great for the acidity.
  2. Ajwain is the best digestive ingredient, that’s why it is added in buttermilk (chas) and lassi after having the meal.
  3. They can be eaten in dry roasted form after the meal to keep the balancing body.
  4. Ajwain are highly used clinically and medically because of its curative and effective healing properties.
  5. Combination of few ajwain and fennel seeds or a pinch of sugar works best for the proper digestion.
  6. It is greatly used for making the effective mouth washer.
  7. Ajwain seeds are used in counteracting spasmodic disorders.
  8. Whole raw or roasted ajwain seeds acts as a great appetizer.
  9. The combination of ajwain and dried ginger helps in case of flatulence.
  10. Ajwain seeds are proven effective treatment for asthma and shortness of breath.
  11. They are also used for inhalation during nasal congestion.
  12. Few ajwain seeds are enough to do wonders and miracles, as it can easily open up the congested and clogged nasal passage.
  13. The oil is the outcome of ajwain seeds, which is treated the best treatment for Rheumatic pains.
  14. Few ajwain seeds and a little bit of common salt in the warm water is useful to open up the congested and soar throat, also it helps in clearing the voice due to cough, cold, crying and shouting.


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