Maharashtrian Recipes

Bharwan Bainga, Vangi Ani Val, Vada Pav, Puran Poli are some of the most famous and precious food items of Maharashtrian Cuisine. Maharashtrian or Marathi food is widely filled with lots of vegetables, fruits, coconut and fish.Maharashtrian Recipes

Maharashatrian food is rich in flavor and made in a unique style. They use various types of oils in their recipes, specially groundnut oil. Also a lot of ginger, garlic and spices are used for making special Maharashtrian Dishes.

Stuffed brinjals, Tomatoes and several other tasty vegetables are simply filled with Maharashtrian style masala.

Following are some of the popular Recipes of Maharashtra, that tastes amazingly delicious and mouth just can not stop to eat.



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