How to become a Good Cook

A Good Cook knows that the taste and presentation of food is very important. I feel very proud when somebody appreciate my cooking at my home. It gives me lot of encouragement and moral boost to cook better.How to become a Good Cook

The way to the heart of husband goes through his stomach

My mom once told me this quote but I believe the way to the heart of all family members is through their stomach. It is not only important that you should cook good but how you present your food is also equally important.  A good cook understand this very well and spend some time after cooking for garnishing and serving the dish.

Following are some key points for becoming a Good Cook:

  • A good cook always plan in advance.
  • A good cook must keep himself hygienic. Do wash your hands properly before cooking.
  • A good cook always keep utensils very clean.
  • A good cook make sure all ingredients are available and are in order before making a dish.
  • A good cook must go step by step, it means don’t do anything in hurry, because some people have mentality to cook fast in anyways and then wind up kitchen as soon as possible, which really ruins the recipe. I would say never keep such mentality.
  • A good cook must have patience which brings miracles in kitchen.
  • A good cook uses spatulas and spoons wherever necessary instead of using hands.
  • A good cook wear gloves while using oven. This prevent any injuries arising out of cooking.
  • A good cook manages flow of heat by adjusting flames whenever required.
  • A good cook always keep his serving dish and bowls very clean. This enhances beauty of food being served. Serving utensils are also important. Some dishes needs to be served in flat plates, some gravy recipes should be served in deep bowls, so always use serving utensils according to the recipes.
  • A good cook always garnishes dish after dish is ready. Garnish your recipes with dry fruits, cilantro, mint, etc which spreads flavors and aromas of your recipes. A well garnished recipe always attract the person and one can not stop himself/herself to taste it.
  • A good cook always clean the kitchen after cooking and keep it hygienic.
  • A good cook always make sure that dish is served very fast and hot.

Before presenting food clean the dining table well and arrange all the plates, bowls, spoons, etc. (whatever required) well in advance, it is again important because if cooking is your passion then make eating as a passion for your family members and others.

Follow all these steps on daily basis while cooking and you will not only become good cook but will also become a great cook.



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