Tea is commonly known as chai ki patti, chai patti or chai. Tea is a beverage made from the processed leaf of a plant called as Camellia sinensis. The tannin compounds and essential oils are responsible for the flavoring, color, astringency and the delightful aroma of tea.tea

There is variety of tea available as per the individual requirement, most famous tea are green tea, iced tea, fresh green tea leaves, Darjeeling tea and Kashmiri green tea.

Green tea is a traditional Chinese tea, that contains 10% to 70% oxidation. Iced tea is a form of cold tea, that comes with several flavors such as peach, lime, cherry, raspberry, etc. Green tea is available in leaf form, in tea bags, in nutritional supplements and as prepared beverages.

These tea leaves are dried and prepared for either sale or further processing. Darjeeling tea is famously known as the ‘champion of teas’. It is a blend of Himalaya with a fresh flowery bouquet. Kashmiri green tea is a typical Kashmir tea, that is made with brew tea leaves in samovar. Lopchu tea is a fine aromatic and soothing tea. It is a versatile tea, that can be served hot or cold, it always give a distinctive, comfort flavor to the mouth.

Tea of various brands is available in the market. You can get strong as well as lighter teas. A tea of good quality have a very nice, fresh aroma and is not stale or odorless. While buying any branded tea, one must check its glowing color, vibrant quality and package details.


  1. Tea as a tenderizer has many benefits and effects, it is an efficient tenderizer.
  2. You can make tea of your choice to lift up for throughout the day. Never use cold milk in hot tea. It can ruin the warmth of tea.
  3. Avoid repeatedly boiling of tea, as it spoils the flavor and is an unhealthy habit. Instead you can make tea and store in a kettle or thermos.
  4. You can make a refreshing iced tea, by brewing double strength and then pour over ice.
  5. Tea is a common vegetarian digression, tea marinated tofu is a wonderful substitution in the recipe.
  6. Tea adds a wonderful fresh flavor to Asian-cuisine nuance compare to ordinary meal.
  7. Tea works as a great dessert, hence can be taken after a meal.
  8. Many bakers and chocolate makers are adopting the new recipes, that includes the wonderful hints of tea.
  9. Tea is a refreshing, delicious and healthy beverage, it is one of the most versatile and interesting ingredients.
  10. Handful tea leaves add a herbaceous flavor adds a golden glow to the creamy sauces.
  11. Brewed tea is highly used as a braising liquid, or as a seasoning for marinades.


  1. Tea must be stored at cool, dark and dry place.
  2. It should be kept away from the strong odors and moisture.
  3. Tea have a good shelf life, you can store it for about 1-2 years.
  4. It should be stored in dry and well sealed container/jar.
  5. Tea must be kept away from moisture, heat and light.


  1. Green tea is very beneficial for loosing weight, it has the ability to fight infection and kill bacteria.
  2. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-cancer properties.
  3. Fresh green tea leaves has antioxidant properties that are proven best to provide health benefits and considered healthy for the body.
  4. Kashmiri green tea consists antioxidants and has the property of boosting the immune system of the human body.
  5. Tea contains the small quantities of tannic compounds, that are called polyphenols, vitamin A, B2, C, D, K, and P, along with the number of minerals in trace amounts and also aromatic oils.
  6. Tea contains a good amount of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins.
  7. Sometimes black tea helps in lowering bad cholesterol from the body.
  8. Tea is the most important refreshing drink and that has no calories, but must be taken in proper balance to feel good.
  9. Tea helps in maintaining heart very healthy, it works as a part of your healthy diet and lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise.


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