Canned Food Facts

In a daily routine life, sometime we forget that what is good for our health and what is bad. Because of lack of time, people now days have been using canned food in huge quantity. Hence it has become very important to know some facts and truth about the canned food, also one must take proper care of storage, preservatives and safety of canned food.

Following are some ideas to make you aware about the canned food and its uses:

Canned food is nothing but the packed food or we can say the food which is packed in very well manner. It is a famous kind of food that almost every house hold of all over the world has been using and the main reason is, that canned food is easy to maintain also takes very less time to cook compare to fresh food items.

Each and every canned food item has its own sustainable shelf life, if it is kept beyond that then the food might become the reason of problems. Here we are giving some examples. Some cans could corrode, specially the juicy veggies and fruits. Most of the times these cans gets reacted with the chemical of metal container and if we are keeping it for long time then they change their taste, color and texture. We also looses the iron and nutritional values from the food.

Secondly, cans which are made from the metal gets rusted very fast. Even if you are using wet hands or spatulas, you are directly losing the age of cans. These cans spoil the food items very fast. One must understand, that if you are using canned food then it should be kept at a proper temperature which should not be more than 99 degrees.

Again if the temperature is high then you may spoil the food and looses the nutritional value of the food. Always avoid buying the food cans that shows the spoilage warning sings and the jars with the loose lids, leakages or odored. Also try clearing out the stock bought earlier, before opening the new one. Always check out the best before dates very carefully.

Canned food can be kept for long time if you properly follow some of the instructions and tips of using it:

  • Canned food must be kept at cool, dry, dark and clean place.
  • It should not be kept where the temperature is not more than 80-85 degrees.
  • Avoid keeping the canned food at freezing temperature.
  • Always follow the rule of LIFO i.e Last In First Out. That means finish the older stock first before opening the new can.
  • Food must be used in fast rotation, as it can not be kept for more than one year, it’s because the content of edibles gets spoiled very fast.
  • Canned non-veg food such as meats, fish, etc should be used within a year.
  • Food items that contains citric acids such as fruits and limes, etc must be used within 4-6 months.
  • It is very important to read the instructions very well before using canned food.
  • Try to keep it at right place and right temperature.
  • Canned Fruit juices can be kept for long time.

Hopefully, above points will be helpful for you to keep your canned food more fresh and useful for the long period of time. Welcome the canned food in your kitchen but make sure you are ready to adopt the above ideas and tips to take care of your food and the health of your family.



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