Calories In Indian Food

Calories In Indian Food
Calories In Indian Food

Are you curious to know that how many calories are there in your food which you are eating on daily basis. Get the nutritional information about Veg and Non-Veg Indian dishes, that are suppose to be eaten in less quantity. There is no doubt that Indian Food is extremely tasty and full of flavors and masalas. But a proper portion of food item, makes the eating more exciting and fun, rather than over eating and feeling bad. Making food recipes and eating food should be enjoyable.

A wise person should consider that health is the most great thing of human blessings and we must take care of our health first. Everyone wish to know daily calorie intake and counting calories is an effective way to prevent obesity.

Indian range of common food grains consist of cereal grains, whole grams and legumes, greens, root tubers, fruits, spices, nuts and oil seeds, fish and fish products, milk and milk products and other flesh. These are significant contributors to the daily requirements of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium and potassium and essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and D and also fiber essential for a healthy and strong body.Calories In Indian Food

In India, food symbolizes ethnic culture and identity, and that had motivated people to innovate extensively with food sources like grains, cereals, greens and meat.Indian cuisine varies from region to region, reflecting the diverse cultures in the subcontinent making it a unique blend of various cuisines across Asia and has also influenced cuisines across the world.

 Calories in Indian food: Chicken dishes

Chicken Biryani Name of Recipe Calories
      1. Chicken biryani 470 calories per plate
      2. Chicken tikka 270 calories per plate
      3. Chicken Hyderabadi 400 calories per bowl
      4. Chicken Korma 250 calories per 100g
      5. Chicken curry 325 calories per 100g (a small bowl)
      6. Chicken Kathi roll 200 calories






Calories in Indian food: Mutton Dishes (all counts for 100g=1 small bowl)

Mutton Recipes Name of Recipe Calories
      1. Mutton Biryani 470 calories per plate
      2. Mutton Korma 145 calories
      3. Mutton Moghlai 245 calories
      4. Mutton Hyderabadi 390 calories
      5. Mutton Curry 325 calories
      6. Mutton Palak 190 calories
      7. Mutton Kheema 175 calories







Calories in Indian food: Fish Recipes (all counts for 100g=1 small bowl)

Fish Recipes Name of Recipe Calories
      1. Fish Curry 325 Calories
      2. Fish Sukha 250 Calories
      3. Fish Molee (with Coconut Milk) 320 Calories
      4. Fish Cutlet 230 Calories





(The calorie count varies with different kinds of fish, but very slightly.)

Calories in Indian food: Dal/lentils (all counts for 100g=1 small bowl)

Indian Dal Recipes Name of Recipe Calories
      1. Dal Fry 120 Calories
      2. Masoor Dal (lentil) 110 Calories
      3. Dal Makhani 135 Calories
      4. Chana Masala 160 Calories
      5. Moong Dal Fried 635 Calories
      6. Chana Dal Fried 500 Calories
      7. Chana Dal Cooked (Bengal Gram Dal) 110 Calories
      8. Moong   Dal Kachori 170 Calories
      9. Rajma Cooked 105 Calories
     10. Toor Dal 194 Calories
     11. Dal and Spinach Curry 285 Calories









Calories in Indian food: Vegetable Recipes (all counts for 100g=1 small bowl)Palak Paneer Recipe Name of Recipe Calories
      1. Palak Paneer 190 Calories
      2. Aloo Gobi 165 Calories
      3. Gobi Paratha 270 Calories
      4. Patta Gobi 75 Calories
      5. Aloo Palak 110 Calories








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