About Us

From the Chef:

One day I was searching for Indian Food Recipes on Google and I found thousands of web sites, to my surprise most of them only listed ingredients and method which appeared like it was copied and pasted from somewhere. I decided to ignore this and tried some of the recipes but I was even more surprised after seeing the results. Recipes did not taste as they were described on those web sites.

I felt offended and cheated but I did not give up and decided to make my own Indian recipes web site where I will post recipes after proper tasting and with real photos taken by me for my readers so that they can learn how to cook Tasty Indian Food. Here is a photo, taken while cooking Veg Schezwan Fried Rice Recipe.


All the photos published on this web site are my own, taken at the time of cooking these recipes.

All Recipes listed on Tasty Indian Recipes are written personally by me after doing intensive research and testing.  Indian cooking is full of rich aroma and flavors and as a chef it is your primary duty to maintain it while cooking  your recipe.  When you cook make sure you cook it right.

I personally cook most of these recipes on daily bases.

I’m putting my best efforts to provide you authenticity and purity of Indian food along with the new techniques and creative variations. Give them a try in my style and have a fun while cooking.  If you don’t get it right at first time, don’t give up!, keep trying and you will get it right next time.

Yours Truly,

From the developer:

One day we decided to make chicken tikka masala but we did not know how to cook it, so we started googling.  We found many web sites for this famous recipe which added more to our confusion. I am not the cook so it made even more hard for me to understand how to make this recipe. We tried some variations over the days and finally discovered that adding some cream makes recipe thicker and taste better.

We also discovered how chopping onion in chopper vs. cutting it through hand makes HUGE difference in the taste. 

All these details were missing on all the recipe web sites we visited, hence we decided to make our own web site which explains these tiny little things in detail, that can really improve one’s cooking experience.

I design and maintain this web site and my wife writes most of the stuff you read.  We work hard on daily bases to make your reading experience better. Please send us your comments and suggestions through contact us page or leave a comment here, we love to read what you have to say about our little team.  >:)~

Warm Regards,